About Us

Who We Are

THEELEVENTH was created out of our passion for the environment, our community, and our commitment to revolutionize the fashion industry. We aim to create kick-ass, durable accessories that will not only make you look good but also do good. Each bag is made out of scrap leather leftover from the production of a local leather belt factory. Reducing waste from the factory and giving a second life to those materials by upcycling them into a new product. Our fannypacks are handmade by female artisans in Guatemala, who pour their heart into making our products. We believe in quality, handmade products that have a story behind them, because what you purchase matters. 

Letter form The Founder
Mariela Toledo

I started THEELEVENTH to create a product that has a social and environmental impact. One that can help build awareness about the escalating pollution rates of the fashion industry. A brand that can teach the consumer that the power is in their hands.

How we do business matters, and what we purchase matters.

We all do what we can to contribute to a better planet and no effort goes unnoticed. As I like to say, many people being imperfectly sustainable is the way to shift towards a more conscious consumer society. As a business owner, I am dedicated to creating a socially responsible product in the best way that I can, to providing job opportunities to artisans in my home country of Guatemala, and to create beautiful products for the conscious, kickass, boss women around the world.

Hope you love them as much as we do, 



“11 is a messenger and the vibration of 11:11 is the universe’s way of delivering a powerful shift of consciousness. It is an awakening call that raises our awareness and jolts us so that we pay attention to the flow of epiphanies, signs, synchronicities, and serendipities happening around us. “  - Alex Myles

Personal meaning behind the number 11.

Growing up, my family's favorite number was 11 - it was the number of our birthdays, sports jerseys (not mine obviously, I was always more fashionista than sporty), our seat number on every flight, my grandma's favorite number, and so on. It was always a symbol of luck and family. 

Once me and my two sisters got older, like many romantic teenagers, we would close our eyes whenever we saw the time 11:11 and make a wish. 11:11 began to represent a daily moment where we set our intentions and focus our energy on things we want to come true. A moment where we reflected and manifested what we wanted to attract to our lives. I hope that our brand name can do the same for you, and remind you that the power to change your life is already in you. 

 That is the power of #theeleventh


THEELEVENTH's story goes back in 1980s. When Mariela's (founder) father and grandfather decided to open up a leather accessories shop in Guatemala. They began making artisanal accessories with traditional textiles and later specialized in manufacturing leather belts for export. Mariela decided to start close to home in her pursuit to shift the fashion industry towards a more sustainable one.